Music Guitar Violin Piano
Music Guitar Violin Piano
 Terms and Conditions
This Agreement contains the terms and conditions applicable between the student and Music Heart Studio (Co. Registration: 5325996K) that uses Music Heart Studio services. Please read them carefully. A reference to the words "use", "using" or "uses" Music Heart Studio's professional home services meant that the student has used and consumed the lesson. Student must read, acknowledge, agree and accept all the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and any other applicable agreements.

This agreement is applicable once the student have paid the full payment for the first lesson to Music Heart Studio.

Under this agreement, once the full payment of the first lesson is made to Music Heart Studio, the FREE musical instrument will be delivered to the student's home prior or the first day of lesson. Students who sign up for any of our guitar lessons will only be entitled to a FREE 'Acoustic Guitar'. For students who sign for our violin lessons, they will be entitled to a FREE 'Violin'. Design and brand of the guitar or violin will be at the sole discretion of Music Heart Studio; however do rests assure that the design and brand will be of a general colour and of a reputable brand. Students who pick our Piano lesson will be given a study booklet based on the grade that they wish to learn from us.

Refund of the first lesson course fees will only be applicable if Music Heart Studio have replaced the teacher for the first lesson and student is still not satisfied with the service provided by the music teacher or music instructor.

Music Heart Studio is not liable for the following:

1. Any agreements made between the student and the music teacher or instructor separately that is not set out in the agreement and without the knowledge of Music Heart Studio through email;

2. Any other refunds that are not set out within this agreement.

This agreement will set into effect once the student has:

1. Paid the full lesson fees to Music Heart Studio for the first lesson.

This agreement will be subjected to changes and it will come into effect as soon as we have posted it on our website.
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